While Staying and working from home is the only way out to help overcome this international pandemic but the offline business must be in dilemma; will their business be able to survive amid COVID-19? Or will they run out of business?

We have answers to all your questions. You must have heard of online business, there are many that are currently ruling the markets. And some of them have experienced tremendous growth amidst this pandemic and online grocery business is no exception. Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt saw their daily downloads surge by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively, over the past month.

This data itself upholds the emerging need of online apps to reach your customers like never before. The major challenge that brick and mortar stores are facing is the assurity to their customers whether they are shopping within a safe environment or not. In addition to this, the above data itself upholds the emerging need of online apps to reach your customers in a much efficient and profitable way.

On one hand, this pandemic is challenging your business to survive, the other hand it can be an opportunity to enter the online world and rule the market like never before.

Sounds purposeful? Let’s help you to achieve this with a below quick overview

Why Now? More Buyers, Few Suppliers

This novel coronavirus has caused a sudden shortage in the availability of many commodities. A huge increase in the online orders of groceries is being witnessed as people started making panic purchases to stock-up the essentials and prevent getting infected through physical contact.

Because of this quick spread of the COVID-19, there occurs an obvious transition in the shopping habits of people. They are now doubtful about visiting brick and mortar stores and try to make purchases online to avoid physical contact.

Launch Your Online Grocery Business With IT Waves 

It is pretty obvious that the need to launch this online business is immediate. One should not wait to register their entry in this ever-evolving market. Considering all the factors, we have introduced a ready to launch solution. Apart from the quick launch, there are few more options that come with this online portal.

Contactless Deliveries

By launching an online business, you will be able to connect with your customers without establishing any physical contact. All you need to do is just get in touch with us asap to launch your online platform. Also, don’t forget to follow all the preventive measures for your delivery staff. This will not only help you regain the customer’s trust but ensures the safety of your staff.

Contactless Deliveries

Can Easily Practise Social Distancing

Once you take your business online, all the interaction with your customers will be virtual, they can easily place the orders online and you can process them accordingly and hence practicing social distancing becomes much easier with fewer people present physically.



The alarming increase rate in the cases of COVID-19 has clearly shown the immediate need to start developing strategies that ensure the safety of both employees and their customers. IT-Waves online marketplace solution will not only help your business outgrow but practice all the precautionary measures effectively.

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