What will happen to your food business post lockdown?

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has effected our lives in ways we had never think. Our day to day working, meetings, hangouts, parties with the outside world, with friends and families and the businesses gets Locked down. This also effects our  personal understanding of hygiene and public health.

Majority of peoples before this enjoy the get together in the Restaurants, Pubs and Bars. But due to pandemic, the safety of the customers now become more priority and staff too. Need to  find the solution to tackle all the things and re-achieve the growth of the business.

According to a survey conducted randomly on the customers, IT-Waves get to know that the customers prioritize the Hygiene, Ambience and the ease of ordering the food. So based on this, 

Dining Businesses will have to rethink the way which suits the post lockdown things of the customers and its also give the confidence to the customers and most important trust.

Based on this we are continously evolving with the Restaurants,Bars and Pubs to make a good technology which is easy to implement and saves the cost also.The Solution is :-

Digital Dining

Digital Dining will give the customer to contact with the menu without touching any physical menu and this way we can also eliminating some risk of COVID.

Contactless Dining/Menu will have the following components –

  1. Digital menu – Scan a QR code on the table to explore the Restaurant/Bars/Pubs menu with the Price and Images and offer if applicable.
  2. Digital ordering – Customer will order the dishes from the menu and whole order will pass to the manager/waiters, so this way also customer will not have to wait for the Menu.
  3. Digital payment – When done, Customer pay the bill via app or any other digital mode and customer will also get the invoice.

This way, we have the Digital cards which are dynamic and through the admin panel you have a option to delete any out of stock dishes or make any offer to the customer any time. 

System also have good features — such as the ability to order multiple courses and design own combo and eligible for the running offers to ensure a hassle-free dining experience.

But to ensure the full hygiene standards, Staff should need to wear the mask or the gloves and sanitize the tables once done.

Solution of contactless menu also ensures that consumers now no need to wait for the order and bill also because of busy timings.

Thus, this will give the seamless and convenient experience for the customers.It is the right step in direction of the ContactLess Dining. This also covers the turn around time for the customers.


Contactless Dining solution ready for you.